Shaila Durcal Acceso Total Por Walmart

"Shaila Durcal Acceso Total Por Walmart"

Shaila Durcal Acceso Total Por Walmart

When you hear the name Durcal you may automatically think of Rocio, but her daughter Shaila is no newbie in the music industry. A prominent figure in her own right, Shaila’s beauty, room brightening smile and powerful voice have already released 5 albums to her credit, platinum status in Spain and countless other awards.

Her vocals are a mix of strong yet velvety and it works very well on her new single “No Me Interesa” a Ranchera fused Pop rock song that details how she not interested in her partners lies, ways and everything else he may be telling her.

To us in media it puts pieces of the puzzle together as to how some artists embrace social media to her fans it’s a totally different ballgame and great to know that your posts are actually being read by the person that you connect with either on a personal or musical level.

I find it a little difficult to imagine how as a child of a legendary singer you would try to step out of the shadows of your famous parent and build a niche of your own without the comparisons. It’s juggling your own music, tastes and career while building your own brand. To me it used to be Enrique Iglesias and now Shaila Durcal.

Now with Shaila Durcal’s third Walmart’s Acceso Total she returns after her other successful performances in 2009 and 2011 respectively.  Her performances of “No Me Interesa”, “Yo Daria” and the English “Choosing Me” cemented her place as a force to be reckoned with in a bi-lingual market of music that has done so well for some other artists.  There’s something to be said about when you see an artist perform on video, perform in person and listen to their music.  I have to say that she exemplifies what it is to be an artist.  She commands the stage and your ears when she is performing.  She channels the emotions of the lyrics and lets you feel them with the slightest inflection in her tone.


Shaila Durcal


Shaila Durcal - Asi
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But before I write too much and bore you with my synopsis on her and such, lets just take you to the: Walmart Acceso Total website where you can see Shaila Durcal for yourself.

You be the judge and tell me if you think im wrong about her being a great entertainer!

Check out the interview with Shaila Durcal via Walmart Acceso Total!










About Shaila Durcal
Spanish vocalist Shaila Dúrcal was born to parents Rocio Dúrcal and Antonio Morales, both towering figures in Spanish music. Shaila was the youngest of three, and was the only one among the siblings who would choose a career in music. From the age of three it became clear that she had the desire and talent to become a singer. She grew up listening to a wide variety of music, from Earth, Wind & Fire to rancheras and flamenco.

At 12 years of age Shaila made her television debut, singing with Nikka Costa on the program Noches. She began to take her craft seriously, and studied voice in Madrid until the age of 17, when her mother, Rocio, invited Shaila to accompany her on her tour. Shaila began traveling with her mother, both learning the ropes of the game and acting as one of Rocio’s backup singers. At her mother’s side she traveled all over Latin America, the States, and Europe, learning not only her mother’s repertoire, but to read and react to an audience. Shaila soon made the difficult decision to strike out on her own as a solo artist. Relocating to Mexico, her record label’s home base, she began working on what would be her debut release.

Halfway through production, in March of 2006, Rocio died unexpectedly. It affected Shaila strongly, and she chose to dedicate her album to Rocio in honor of her, both as a person and as a musician. Recordando, Shaila’s reworking of Rocio’s more popular repertoire, came out in February of 2007 and was followed in 2008 by Tanto Amor. The singer’s 2009 album Corazón Ranchero proved a first as it charted higher in Mexico than it did in Spain and was followed in 2011 by her fifth album, Asi.



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