Silvio Mora Climbs to The Top of the Billboard Tropical Chart

"Silvio Mora Climbs to The Top of the Billboard Tropical Chart"

silvio-moraSilvio Mora’s career takes flight as his hit merengue YO QUIERO VOLVER tops the Billboard Tropical chart this week.

In mid-December the song moved up to #18; the next week # 7; then to #5, until it finally topped the chart of US tropical artists.

Silvio was extatic as he received the news, and he thanked Mayimba Records for the support the label has provided in the Dominican Republic as well as in the US and internationally.

“Once more I feel proud of the way we have worked together; we are a great team! Thanks to Mayimba Records who has been working this project over the last months with exceptional results.  Not only have I triumphed as an artist, but merengue and the Dominican Republic have been elevated to new heights,” commented an emotional Silvio Mora.

“Yo quiero volver” was composed by the artist; this song has also made a splash in the Dominican Republic where it has been among the most played singles over the past year.

Silvio Mora & Mayimba Records will be releasing a brand new single at the end of this month, for which a video is presentlly in production.

Recently the artist released in the Dominican market his production, “Silvio Mora Mundial – Encendío,” which is comprised of 11 merengues, 10 of which were penned by the artist himself.