Sonia Chammah Launches her new CD

"Sonia Chammah Launches her new CD"

Sonia ChammahINTENSO is the name of the second and new album of Sonia Chammah. The album was produced by Amilcar Vasquez artistically and is launched together by AY! Music, her own production company and “Clandestine editions of Rock & Reggae”. The publisher corresponds to Universal. The brand new work represents another stage in the artist’s life: it is strong, fast, fresh, perhaps the loss of innocence that she proposed on her first album. This time influences such as The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, MGMT, Weezer, The Ramones, The Kooks and other bands that renew the commitment of pop punk and punk rock and other classics..

INTENSE is simply that: strong, agile with some nuances sounding ballads and lead the drive to places of tranquility and reflection for mounting the breakneck pace of the rest of the songs again.

Mariano Martinez (Attaque 77) participated singing with Sonia “Bombas de fuego”, the first track. Castro also collaborated Lito (Yira) with keyboards in “The Journey”, Claudio Salas (Yira) on drums in “Pet Sematary” and “I’ve Got the Money”; same topics that played bass Federico Melioli (producer Hilda Lizarazu).

Daniel Rey (producer of several albums of The Ramones) mixed and handled the mastering of “Pet Sematary”. Oviedo Mario Breuer and Dani made the final mixes. It was recorded in Pana Records, Unisono, ‘El pie’ and Panda.

“INTENSO” has already a  video “Bombas de fuego,” his first cut,  In addition to the live clip of “Girasol” and “Pet Sematary”. In the coming months, the clip of the song “O vos o yoI” will be recorded.

Sonia appeared throughout his solo career in renowned concert halls such as La Trastienda Club, The Cavern (Sonica Speedy), Soul Café, The Roxy Live, Samsung Studio, Dufour Music Festival and Club Matienzo, among others.

Sonia Chammah 2BIO:
At 14, Sonia Chammah began studying guitar at the age of 14  and at 19, she had his first band: ISIS, with Laura Fares (Sam Sparro drummer / producer and founder of the label  Aztec Records). Years later, he decided to continue exploring his artistic side in Sweden. There he had the opportunity to play for different radio  bars in Lund and south Sweden But the journey continued and music also led to Wales, England and Spain. In early 2000, he continued studying guitar and voice in New York where there were live performances in places like Village Underground and Kana and other known venues.

Sonia returned to Buenos Aires and formed a new band: Urbana. After a few years, Sonia decided to undertake a new project.Strengthening learning and crystallizing the songs written during his years of travels and experiences, he began his solo work.

In 2011, Sonia ANIMAL released his first album. It included the production of Amilcar Vasquez, guitarist and co-producer of Hilda Lizarazu.Furthermore, the mixing and mastering was in charge of Mario Breuer, one of the most renowned producers and technicians in the country.

Also they are participating guest musicians like CJ Ramone (The Ramones). Leo De Cecco (Attaque 77) and Lito Castro (Hilda Lizarazu).