Stephen King Fans Rejoice! Crime Thriller is a Page Turner to be Read with the Lights On!

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"Stephen King Fans Rejoice! Crime Thriller is a Page Turner to be Read with the Lights On!"


The Bookseller, the latest paranormal horror novel from author C. Robert Cales, weaves together the intersecting stories of a rare book that precipitates a long-awaited reunion between old friends, a violent South American drug cartel with a creative new idea for moving its product, and the pending demolition of a 200-year old structure with its own scary, storied past into a riveting, impossible-to-put-down tale.

About the BookSeller

In The Bookseller, George Saunders, a rare book dealer, and his college sweetheart turned-wife, Elizabeth, live above their bookstore, The Bookseller – a wedding present from Elizabeth’s father thirty years earlier. At The Bookseller, George buys and sells rare literary gems and Elizabeth operates a coffee parlor in one corner of the bookstore. They are about to be reunited with an old friend, Frank Richter, a former high school basketball star and all-round chick magnet with poor study habits who found his sports eligibility slipping away when his coach recommended bookworm George Saunders as his tutor. That relationship was the beginning of a life-long friendship that included Richter acting as best man at George and Elizabeth’s wedding. Richter is now a funeral director who, having received a rare book from a former client, is on his way to Boston with a gift for his old friends.

John Stoner, the point man for one of the largest construction companies in the country, is on a current assignment that brings him to Freetown, Massachusetts, where many residents are terrified by a crumbling structure within the woods, which is about to be cleared to make way for Stoner’s new shopping mall. The old place, known simply as The House, has been the source of local legends for well over a hundred years. Jimmy, a Freetown football legend, meets John at a local tavern and explains the town’s morbid fear as well as his own story about the old place.

Carlos Ramirez is the head of a South American drug cartel. A government raid destroyed the submarine he had under construction and killed a number of his men. In response, he ordered his best men to develop a new smuggling technique, something that could slip right under the collective noses of the DEA and offer them security far into the future. Carlos has never been as happy. His men have just developed a process for infusing liquid cocaine into the pages of books and withdrawing it at the destination point. He has sent a team of lawyers out in search of a bookstore in the perfect location for acquisition to complete the next step of his plan.

 “My contribution to story creation is always limited to the original, core idea,” says Cales. “After that, I simply check in periodically and watch the film clips that play in my head as the story slowly exposes itself. Sometimes, even I’m surprised by the actions of my characters but these stories have a life of their own and I am the willing conduit that makes them come alive.”

Contemporary and age-old themes explored in The Bookseller include:

  • The many reincarnations of evil
  • The inventive, and ruthless nature of the illegal drug trade
  • How friendships and loves can be found in unlikely places
  • And much more!