Take Off With Nat Geo Mundo For A New Season Of “Alerta Aeropuerto”

"Take Off With Nat Geo Mundo For A New Season Of “Alerta Aeropuerto”"

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Following a thrilling first season, ALERTA AEROPUERTO returns to Nat Geo Mundo. The original series provides an exclusive all-access pass to El Dorado Airport in Bogota, Colombia, and the thousand-and-one situations that occur in this central hub in Latin America, also one of the busiest airline terminals in the world. Comprised of six new hour-long episodes, the second season of ALERTA AEROPUERTO premieres on Nat Geo Mundo on Saturday, December 5, at 9 PM ET/PT.

Moving 27 million passengers and over 500,000 tons of cargo each year, El Dorado has become one of the safest and most secure airports in the region, safeguarded by expert security agents. In season two of ALERTA AEROPUERTO, Nat Geo Mundo explores the work performed by these crews around-the-clock as they seek to resolve whatever situation may arise in this airline terminal.

Each exciting episode illustrates a workplace where no two days are alike, routine is non-existent, and agents know that a day that starts out like any other can, in a heartbeat, become a scenario in which they are dealing with attempted drug smuggling, human trafficking, deportation of criminals, identity theft, and even medical emergencies. It is their responsibility to resolve each of these contingencies and thwart any attempted unlawful act.

In the first episode of this season, ALERTA AEROPUERTO bears witness to the daily battle that the agents wage against drug trafficking, faced with criminals who resort to methods and strategies as creative as they are unimaginable in their attempts to conceal their stash and avoid being caught by the Colombian authorities.

ALERTA AEROPUERTO gives viewers access to areas off-limits to passengers to see what happens “behind the scenes,” answering questions such as: “What are they transporting?” “How do they conceal it?” “How are they caught?”

Think you know life in an airport? You haven’t seen anything yet! Join Nat Geo Mundo on Saturdays starting December 5, at 9 PM ET/PT as it delves deep into the inner workings of El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, Colombia on season two of ALERTA AEROPUERTO.

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