Time To Meet Panem’s District Heroes

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"Time To Meet Panem’s District Heroes"

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In honor of our brave brothers and sisters of Panem, we’re pleased to share the DISTRICT HEROES COLLECTION.

The Capitol, under the authority of the Capitol Ministry of Information, released seven District Heroes. Please take a minute to reflect and learn more about these esteemed district citizens.

Mockingjay District Hero7

Malcolm Kastel, District 6 

The Capitol honors District 6’s tenacious efforts to make outstanding strides in the world of transit. We praise the everyday heroes of the Transportation District and cherish a community that strives for excellence, progress and harmony!

The road to unity is endless, but together we can steer our way to prosperity. Panem lives to serve its people, but in return each District must live to serve its duty. Become pioneers in your field and help us enrich the lives of your fellow citizens.

We appreciate the love and commitment every citizen rolls into his or her work. From the young minds absorbing the culture and history of our great nation, to the men and women working day in and day out to protect our elegant system, every job is essential to the growth of Panem.

In times of struggle, indecision or hardship, find encouragement in Malcolm Kastel and this exemplary poster of one of your own, and remember the importance of what you do. As we travel down the path to unity, we ask you to do your part and stay informed.

Mockingjay District Hero6 (2)

Triti Lancaster, District 9

The Capitol gives high praise to the citizens of its Grain District! We have taken note of your sprightly efforts, and to honor the spirit of Panem’s bountiful “Bread Basket”, we hope you find continued inspiration in Triti Lancaster as your model of District 9 heroism.

From the minute the sun graces the skies with its radiance to the moment it quietly slips away and into the night, you embrace your duties with the utmost care. The time, love and commitment your pour into your work enables our industrious nation to take one step further into becoming the nation it was always meant to be. To say the Capitol appreciates the dedication would be an understatement, for your allegiance is held to the highest esteem.

Take this loyalty and help us keep every seed in its rightful place. Help us plow through any obstacle that comes our way. Above all, help us nourish Panem in our quest for peace and unity.

Mockingjay District Hero6 (1)

Lily Elsington, District 12

To our brothers and sisters of District 12 we say — bravo! Your honorable work ethic and perseverance has not gone unnoticed, and the Capitol appreciates your commitment to serving our great nation.

Now more than ever you must remember the importance of our system and the greater good it creates. Embrace the sweat on your brow and the sores on your fingers. Allow the soot to settle along your feet. You are the light that shines in the coal mines you venture. Take pride in your scars of labor, for they are labors of love for your country.

No citizen is too young to support the constructive efforts of the Mining District, and in turn, the gallant efforts of Panem. Look to Lily Elsington as a shining example in this inspiring piece provided to you by the Capitol Ministry of Information.

Mockingjay District Hero4

Felix Stam, District 10

The Capitol celebrates the spirit and camaraderie of the assiduous Livestock District. We honor the everyday heroes of District 10 as they breed the finest meat, shear the softest wool, and embrace the shining Capitol sun in their ongoing endeavors.

Work as one to become shining examples of greatness we know this country is capable of producing. Work as one to become the model citizens we know this country has raised. Work as one to ratify the solidarity within our system.

The Capitol Ministry of Information asks you to look to the strapping Felix Stam in this model of diligence, and to remember the ardent efforts of your fellow men. We are forever grateful to the citizens who make countless contributions to society. Join the Capitol in strengthening the bond between the Districts.

Mockingjay District Hero3

Naida Dolan, District 4

As the seasons change and the tides turn, the citizens of District 4 continue their endless dedication to feeding the beating heart of the Capitol. We salute you, the hardworking citizens of the Fishing District, and your invaluable contributions to society. Brought to you by the Capitol Ministry of Information, this commemorative display of the lovely Naida Dolan represents District 4 heroism at its finest!

Remember the value of your actions as they pertain to the growth and unity of the country as a whole. Every fish you spear, every knot you tie, and every ocean swell you conquer further helps maintain the steady current of our elegant system, and strengthens the bond between Panem and its people. No contribution is too small, and every impact is crucial.

As you discover the inspiring pieces the Capitol Ministry of Information has set about your District, remember that we are One Panem. Stand by the Capitol and forge a bond that is unbreakable.

Mockingjay District Hero2 (1)

Fibre Bissette, District 3

Brothers and sisters of the Technology District, the Capitol Ministry of Information salutes your benevolent efforts to contribute to the technological world of our great nation. The highly intelligent minds of District 3 are behind some of Panem’s most advanced achievements, and for that, we thank you.

We in the Capitol strive to create a secure, harmonious environment, and your infinite contributions enable us to make that goal a reality. Never forget how your superior deeds keep our wonderful country grounded. Never forget how your programming provides a link to Panem’s history. Never forget the significance your work has engineered.

Allow this exemplary display of District heroism to boost your faith and trust in a system that wholly appreciates you; as the lovely Fibre Bissette can attest, the codes you write, the wires you unravel and the gadgets you invent all contribute to the well-being of your District, and in turn, the greater good of Panem.

Mockingjay Districk Hero1

Elias Haan, District 7

Brothers and sisters in the Lumber District; Let us come together in celebration of your fervent efforts to make Panem a truly wonderful nation! To honor your district, the Capitol Ministry of Information has issued this commemorative display as the quintessence of District heroism. May Elias Haan and his introspective wisdom inspire your continued championing of the Capitol’s goals of peace, unity, and the protection of our “One Panem.”

As you tend to the finest forests and provide your fellow brethren with the most beautiful and flawless lumber, remember that the Capitol treasures your dedication to society. It is your duty as a citizen of Panem to protect the system we have worked tirelessly to conceive. Embrace the challenges of strenuous labor, and remember the instrumental role you play in the preservation of our country.

We in the Capitol admire your strength and commend your loyalty. We must all stand as tall as the mighty oaks you fell, and work together to build and preserve a better future.

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