Todo Va A Arder РThe Most Recent Release From Diamante El̩ctrico

"Todo Va A Arder РThe Most Recent Release From Diamante El̩ctrico"

Todo_va_a_arderThe most recent release from DIAMANTE ELÉCTRICO Is now available for streaming and download on:

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Produced by Juan Galeano (singer and bass player of the band), “Todo va A Arder” was recorded and mixed at the Audivisión studios (Bogotá, Colombia) byDaniel Bustos.
Gavin Lurssen from Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles, responsible for the production of Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Game Of Thrones andT. Bone Burnette, among others, was in charge of the mastering.


“Carrying the ’60s rock and blues mantle and adding poetic Spanish-language lyrics with a punk attitude, you get an unstoppable Colombian power band-

“One of the angriest, vertiginous, visceral and powerful projects that has come out of our country.” – Revista Shock / Colombia

“One of the best that we have seen in the last few years from Colombia” – Revista Warp/ Mexico

“Diamante is more than just Rock…is allucinating and explosive, the driving force of a powerful rock trio” – Bob Lefsetz / EE.UU.


Diamante Eléctrico, the ‘power trio’ from Bogotá, releases this week ‘Todo Va a Arder’, the first single of their new release “B”.

The video was directed by Christian Schmidt and recorded at ‘La Ventanta’. The Colombian band had previewed a fragment of the track ‘Kamikaze’ as a sneak preview of their new disco-graphic production that is also part of Ford’s new social network and TV campaign during October.

“B”, whose name derives from the strong influence of blues in the band’s sound and from those tracks that were not included in their debut EP ‘Diamante Eléctrico’ which is set to be released at the beginning of 2015. This production was recorded live to the style of some of the best rock n’ roll recordings at the Audiovisión studios.

Diamante Eléctrico has established itself as one united and independent band that is willing to keep making good music for their followers; keeping their original sound intact that has kept them together until now. The last year, they were worthy of the Shock award to the ‘Best Artist or Rock Band of 2013′.

The band consists of Daniel Álvarez in the guitar, Andee Zeta in the drums and the songwriter and bass player Juan Galeano. It has been recognized as the revelation band of Colombian rock. Their sound emerges from a combination of melodies with different rock n’ roll, punk and blues refinements. Their strength on the stage has taken them to perform at shows such as ‘Rock al Parque’, Estéreo Picnic Festival, Hermoso Ruido Festival, Colombiamoda, BOOM (Bogotá Music Market) and Circulat in Medellín, Colombia.