Tomas Diaz continues to reap success after the premiere of “Suky”

"Tomas Diaz continues to reap success after the premiere of “Suky”"

Tomas Diaz - Suky - Calle 8

After the stellar debut at Carnaval on the Mile last March 7th, Tomas Diaz is undergoing a grand moment with his debut single, “Suky,” becoming a greater phenomenon with each passing day. His charisma seduced a diverse audience, and through the power of his band, connected immediately with the crowd thus becoming one of the most appealing artists of the festival.

With only a few days after its release, “Suky” has already entered the Top 10 Tropical Music charts in the Dominican Republic, ranking seventh in its opening week, in addition to entering programming on several radio stations in the US and Puerto Rico.

This upcoming Sunday, March 15th, Tomas Diaz will perform live at the long-established Festival de la Calle 8 (17th Avenue stage) at 5 pm. In the framework of this historic festival, Tomas Diaz will partake in one of the cultural and musical events with the greatest tradition in the US Hispanic world. Since 1978, thousands gather at the legendary Calle Ocho in Miami to celebrate Latino culture in different platforms and places that gathers not only the Latino community in the area, but attracts thousands of tourists from all corners of the world. The festival is estimated to draw an audience of over 100,000 who will participate alongside Tomas Diaz, a great protagonist of the 38th edition of this musical, gastronomic, and cultural feast.

The video for “Suky,” a true hybrid and fusion of genres that represents and brings together the musical influences collected throughout his career, has received over 130,000 thousand views on VEVO/ Youtube in less than 2 weeks. It has also garnered great attention from media as it perfectly captures the essence of the song, in addition to featuring a number of very special guests.

Hip-hop legend, Flavor Flav; former Miss Universe, model and actress, Alicia Machado; iconic actor, Erik Estrada, Cuban musical star, Carlos Oliva; YouTube stars Pepe Billete and Peter Anguilla, as well as ESPN Sports analyst, Dan Lebatard, are a few of the featured artists. Likewise, Tomasito, Libertad, Suky Pink, Suky Blue, Suky Violet and a large group of friends transport us to the magical land of “Suky” where everyone is welcome, and elation reigns.

Tomorrow, March 13th, Tomas Diaz will perform on Univision’s morning show, Despierta America, with a special “Suky” performance; a national broadcast within United States and in cable on several Latin American countries.


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About Tomas Diaz

Born in Matanzas, Cuba, Tomas Diaz grew up very close to music. He was seduced at an early age by the sounds of Rock: Jimmy Hendrix’ guitar, James Brown style and staging, Bob Marley’s charisma and his revolutionary and pacifist spirit, without forgetting the sounds of Cuba: Celia Cruz, the Orchestra Aragon and Pello El Afrokan, while flirting with Fela Kuti’s African signature style. His musical style moves through the rhythms of Cuba to calypso, influenced by the Caribbean sounds of Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica. Adding to his unique style are the amalgam of sounds and the cocktail of genres that Miami offers, where he has lived for over 30 years. Tomas Diaz has worked with an eclectic mix of genres and artistic greats the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Phish, Clarence Clemmons, Celia Cruz, Snoop Dogg, Chayanne and Ricky Martin, amongst others. He is part of Spam Allstars, a well-known group with which he has received a Latin GRAMMY Award nomination in 2003 for its album Fuacata Live!, and is a key member of one of the most respected groups in the city with five released albums and an average of 200 concerts a year.