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"Top Music of 2014"

Where has the time gone? 2015 is here and Lee has already given us his top 10 list of movies for 2014. Well what should I do? Music? Why not! While the year was filled with a ton of bs music that I really don’t listen to, there were surprises as i broadened my scope more and got in tune with some Pop music.

In no particular order here is my list of my personal top 10 albums of 2014!
Romeo Santos – The Formula 2
Romeo Santos - The Formula 2There is no denying that Romeo Santos came in years ago, conquered Bachata with Aventura and continues to do so till this day.  His catalog is a LONG list of hits and Formula 2 contained plenty of them. Romeo Santos Remains King!
Taylor Swift – 1989
Taylor Swift - 1989The pop queen returned to create my youngest daughters favorite hit – Shake it Off and my oldest daughters current favorite song with – Blank Space.  Taylor Swift could do no wrong as she tears through the charts and also waging war against spotify and those like it for the ridiculously low payouts artists receive from those services.
Ariana Grande – My Everything
ariana-grande-my-everythingWhile her voice as “Cat” drives some people nuts, Ariana Grande emerged with some solid singles and with the demise of the “Sam and Cat” TV Show proved she could hold her own as a performer and singer.  Let’s not talk too much about her love interest – Big Sean.

Joe Budden – Some Love Lost

Joe Budden - Some Love LostOk, before I start getting texts about this being rigged lol. Let me explain that Joe Budden is my favorite Artist. So without a doubt this album is in my top 10. His emotional music aka “Mood Muzik” came back full circle as he came off of Love & hip-hop NY and such.
Arcangel – Sentimiente, Elegancia y Maldad
Arcangel - Sentimiente Elegancia y Maldad There seems to be no stopping Arcangel when he is on his game.  This album really stayed a long time on my phone. The only weakness I could give it is that my favorite song on the album had a feature on it.
Sam Smith – In the lonely Hour
sam-smith-debut-album-in-the-lonely-hourCan you say Smash Hit? WOW! Stay With Me was all over the place and his sultry voice stayed on pace to create a great work of art.
Calle 13 – Multiviral
calle-13-multiviral-albumAs a “Reggaeton” group turned world renowned Calle 13’s Multi-Viral smashed the world with both musical and visually stunning master pieces.

Ana Tijoux – Vengo
Ana Tijoux - VengoNacional Records have a gem on their hands.  Ana Tijoux came with a great album that encompassed hiphop, r&b, world music and so much more with brilliant stitching.
J.Cole – 2014 Forrest Hills Drive
j-cole-forest-hill-drive Mark my words that one day J. Cole will inherit the rock. His amazing word play, delivery and production skills bring something to the game that happens far and few in between.
Carlos Vives – Más + Corazón Profundo
UNow im going to admin that aside from Fruta Fresca, I was not an avid Carlos Vives fan, but this crazy reinvention could be considered the great comeback of 2014.  Now since I am not a Carlos Vives fan, was this a comeback?