Tribute Serves To Show The Wide Range Of “Raza” Unity All Over The World In A Divided Political Climate

"Tribute Serves To Show The Wide Range Of “Raza” Unity All Over The World In A Divided Political Climate"


Austin Band Brownout Present Posse-Rap Remake Of Kid Frost‘s Latin-Pride Anthem “La Raza” On The 25th Anniversary Of It’s 1990 Release & On Dia De La Raza, Featuring A Cross-Generational Selection of Emcees – From Mellow Man Ace to Kool A.D. - Representing A Spectrum Of The Pan-Latino Experience.

Austin-based Grammy-nominated psychedelic latin funk band Brownout chose an appropriate day to drop their remake/tribute to Kid Frost’s 25 year old Latin pride hip-hop classic “La Raza” - Oct. 12th, 2015 is Dia De La Raza, the celebration of the heritage of Latin America and the ethnic and cultural differences making it distinctive.
Brownout is no strangers to hip hop, having backed GZA (Wu-Tang Clan) regularly, being DJ/tastemaker favorites and veterans of the international B-Boy battle scene, performing live at many battles over the last ten years.

After knocking out a live reworking of the song, which contains a famous sample of El Chicano’s “Viva Tirado,” the band called on their peers and heroes alike.
Mellow Man Ace, the legendary Cuban American rapper best known for his 1989 hit “Mentirosa” was the first collaborator for the tune. “Mellow was my very first concert as a kid in Laredo, TX” says song producer Adrian Quesada, “so for him to jump on board quickly sparked the fire.”

Others include DJ Dus (aka El Dusty) and Mexstep of the group Third Root representing the South Texas Chicano experience, Niña Dioz, an explosive female MC from Monterrey, Mexico, Afro-Cuban MC Kool AD (Das Racist) and his DJ, the Chicago born Amaze 88.

The coming together of multiple races and cultures is more important now than ever in today’s increasingly divided political climate and Brownout’s version of “La Raza” pays homage to the past, keeping one foot firmly planted while putting their sincere and creative stamp on visioning a more united future.