Two Latino music and video makers team up to create a music video mini movie

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"Two Latino music and video makers team up to create a music video mini movie"


Ernesto “Tic” Morales and Manny D. Rosa, grew up in the apocalyptic scenic era of the Bronx in the early 80’s.  Back to the Future was in the theaters and RUN DMC’s “King of Rock” was blaring out of boom-boxes that flooded the streets. It was a time when Hip-Hop was gaining its roots and the elements of it were poised for the global stage.  It was a time when Fresh was the thing to be and biting was not allowed. Everything was brand new and everyone had a style of their own.

These two future collaborators navigated through the New York City public School system and became friends during their time at DeWitt Clinton High School.  Tic was a well-traveled b-boy who spent time touring around the country with the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus with his dance crew and soon after became a music producer in his own right with several great credits to his discography like The David Henchmen project which many people consider the holy grail of the 90’s hip-hop underground.  Meanwhile Manny D was honing his craft as an MC and like many other MC’s move on to the next level of their own careers. Manny’s ear for music production became his passion.

As time progressed Tic moved on to directing and editing music videos for artists like Phats, Crotona P, Messiah Blaq, Pete Colon and the latest video by Frsh Aire “I Gotta Eat”. Manny D has been hard at work collaborating with many great artists including Pete Colon, Otis Clapp and Frsh Aire’s “I Gotta Eat” record. He recently was selected to provide two tracks to the Wutang Clan’s 16 Bar Challenge.

Today, Tic and Manny D have combined their talents to create an immersive Music and Video experience with Frsh Aire’s “I Gotta Eat” single.  The seven location, ten actor, three months project is the perfect example of ingenuity and the team effort they provide.


Here is their latest project: Frsh Aire “I Gotta Eat”

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