Voz a Voz Ft Dan Viera – “Te Necesito” (Official Video)

"Voz a Voz Ft Dan Viera – “Te Necesito” (Official Video)"

The duo of Voz a Voz, composed of Ronny Mercedes and Gio D’oleo, continues to conquer the world with their brand of Bachata. Countries like Mexico, France, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Japan and the US have received their latest tour and have felt the energy that Voz a Voz leaves on stage every time they perform.

This time around, Voz a Voz has infused Bachata with Mariachi to lead the radio charts in Costa Rica, Venezuela, Guatemala and Mexico. This Triumph has brought them to continue recording their 5th studio album.

Take a look at their new video for “TE NECESITO” alongside Dan Viera