Worldwide Premiere of “Fumando” from PALO!’s Latin Grammy Nominated Album ‘PALO! Live

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"Worldwide Premiere of “Fumando” from PALO!’s Latin Grammy Nominated Album ‘PALO! Live"

Worldwide Premiere of “Fumando” from PALO!’s Latin Grammy Nominated Album ‘PALO! Live

“Seeing so many people smoking outside of buildings, I started thinking about how interesting us humans are; we continue certain habits despite the fact that we know they are bad for us. I co-wrote the song with PALO!’s lead singer Leslie Cartaya and her cousin and my friend Pepin Rivero. It tells the story of Fatima, a woman who can’t stand smoke. A caution to dancers and listeners: this song can be addictive!” – Steve Roitstein, keyboardist, producer, and founding member of PALO!

Ralf Gonzalez: director & editor.

Written by Leslie Cartaya, Pepin Rivero & Steve Roitstein.

Performed by Leslie Cartaya, lead vocal; Ed Calle, sax; Raymer Olalde, timbales; Philbert Armenteros, congas; Steve Roitstein, keyboards & beats.


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Miami based PALO! has a lot to celebrate. With a 2014 Latin Grammy nomination for their album “PALO! Live,” an Emmy nominated documentary “Miami Boheme: An American Musical Journey”, in which PALO! has an integral role as one of the bands that represents Miami’s musical and cultural scene, and sold-out venues on their recent tour to Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Chicago, PALO! has become one of the most prominent bands out of Miami.

PALO! is salsa with a taste of jazz, ignited by infectious funk rhythms, a distinct style of Cuban music proving to be irresistible for those that love to dance. PALO! formed in 2003 in Miami, Florida as a concept to fuse Cuban music with Afro-American rhythms. The idea came from Steve Roitstein, keyboardist of the band, when he invited fellow musicians to join him in this musical experiment. The band is comprised of lead vocalist Leslie Cartaya, who was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2013 for Best New Artist, Steve Roitstein, keyboardist and producer known for his work with Celia Cruz, Willy Chirino, Tito Puente, Cheo Feliciano, Oscar d’Leon, and Ricardo Montaner, among others, Ed Calle, a two-time Latin
Grammy nominee and legendary saxophonist recognized for his ability to improvise, and the percussionists and vocalists of the group, Philbert Armenteros and Raymer Olalde, who bring the Cuban fire and energy that characterizes PALO!.

With a career spanning over a decade, the group continues to capture fans and gain followers, becoming one of the most innovative groups in the Latin music industry.


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