We came, we saw, we rocked. Rinse and repeat.

"We came, we saw, we rocked. Rinse and repeat."

The memories of our March 24th Santo Domingo performance are still dewy fresh thank to this video shot and edited by Humberto Contreras and photos by Ambiorix Martinez. What a great moment for us that we will fondly remember for many years to come.
Another fantastic moment for us came but 4 short days later in a little town called New York City where we had the pleasure of performing alongside the Cuba-Yorkan band Delexilio and the enigmatic Geko Jones. Big shout out to NYC and Nublu in particular for a great crowd and a warm reception. Lots of great vibes and energy. As we often do, we talked about our origins and our roots, in Louisiana & the DR. Afterwards we were approached by several members of the audience who happened to have visited New Orleans and “LOVED IT” (they’re emphasis, not mine). So we get to play music to a great house, hang out in New York, and wax poetic about the city we love? Too much. No, beer did not begin to spontaneously spew out the taps, but it might as well have. We would have to rate it about 9.9 out of 5.
We were joined on stage by the one and only James “Tito” Hubbard of Lonely Brook and Palo Viejo fame on trombone and tiny keyboard as well as brothers Juan Miguel Marin, on drums, and Herman Marin, on bass, of La Rua and Evafina reknown. Juan Miguel Marin, as you may remember, was the mastermind behind our Aire de Primavera video. Is he a graphic designer-drummer or a drummer-graphic designer? Yes. We’ve uploaded some photos of our show in New York, thanks to the talented Ms. Catalina Kulczar, photographer extraordinaire. You can see the photo set here and more of Catalina’s work on her website catalinaphotgraphy.com Stop by, stay awhile, leave some comments.
We’ve covered some miles in these past months, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Santo Domingo, New York, Miami, and one of the pleasant surprises of this whole endeavor has been the opportunity to meet people we never would have otherwise. It’s also been a catalyst for reconnecting with some pana full friends and family.  Not to get too heavy here, but knowing people out there are rooting for us makes all the difference and gives us the fuel we need to send one more email, knock on one more door, make one more cold call.
Oh and write more music. Most definitely. 
Hasta la proxima,
Angelina y Paul