World Music From Ecuador To The World By Juan Fernando Velasco

"World Music From Ecuador To The World By Juan Fernando Velasco"
MISQUILLAProduced by:                                                   Juan Fernando Velasco
Tracked in: Capitol Studios, Los Angeles by  Al Schmitt 
Mixed in Sound Nuts, Miami by:                     Diego Acosta 
Mastered in Metropolis, London by:               Tony Cousins
Featuring:                                                       Gilberto Santa Rosa, Lila Downs, Andrés Cepeda,  José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma”, Noel Schajris, Gaby Moreno, Americo, Samo and Kany García. 
This is a dream that began just over a year ago,
when we imagined the possibility of this album”
–  Juan Fernando Velasco. 
Eight years ago Juan Fernando Velasco released “A Tu Lado”, the MTV Latin Awards and Latin GRAMMY nominated sophomore album, whichsparked the songwriter’s international career.  Soon after, two other musical productions followed including another Latin Grammy nominated album titled “Con Toda El Alma”, featuring artists such as Fonseca and Franco de Vita, for the first time in the company of timeless pieces of folklore music called “pasillos”*.
However, would only be until MISQUILLA, that the Ecuadorian singer would reach platinum and gold status sales, within the first 45 days release. This album encompasses a select number of Ecuadorian “pasillos” – that span over a period of a hundred years, accompanied by some of Latin America and Spain’s most prominent voices; as well as unparalleled orchestral and symphonic arrangements by a symphony orchestra in Los Angeles.
The collection includes duets with Puerto Rican Gilberto Santa Rosa, Américo from Chile, the Spanish India Martinez, and Venezuelan Jose Luis Rodriguez (“El Puma”).  Recorded in several countries, Velasco also paired with Kany Garcia (Puerto Rico), Andrés Cepeda (Colombia), Gaby Moreno (Guatemala), Noel Schajris (Argentina), and Lila Downs (Mexico).
“They all sing from the heart…” said Velasco.
MISQUILLA comes from the Kichwa or Quechuan native word mishkilla, meaning “sweetness” and it relates to the unique feeling experienced while performing Ecuadorian music.
The album dedicated to both his wife Lola and his daughter Camila was made for Ecuador, to ensure that new generations to come engage with their roots and strengthen their love, taste and familiarity with their culture.
*Pasillo is the most representative folk rhythm of Ecuador, a small country in South America mostly known for its astonishing Galapagos Islands.
MISQUILLA was released in Ecuador by the end of May 2015.