Alex M.X. Baez has vast experience in the music industry, particularly in the performing rights. Having, thus far, worked seven years at the American at the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers' (ASCAP) Legal department, he has gained first hand knowledge of the how imperative the performing rights, music publishing and music licensing are in the music industry spectrum. While in this capacity, he has also obtained knowledge in copyrights, trademarks, international licensing, grand rights and mechanical rights.
Edwin "DJ Hostile" Romero has had his pulse to the music for years. As one of the individuals responsible for bringing Reggaeton to the United States, his musical credits are verified.
'Prinz' Lee Romero is a New York City native with Colombian and Puerto Rican roots. For years jumping from job to job, he could no longer suppress his love for film. Having given up contemplating it, he dove into some severe research and ventured out into the world of acting. Following a couple of years of training (The Actors Alliance NYC), auditions, booking jobs – which included bilingual voice-over work, his love of acting not only satisfied a certain desire, but also opened him up to other facets within the film business.
Staff Writer - TV & Entertainment Max Hellion is a born and bred New Yorker raised by his Puerto Rican father and his half Puerto Rican, half mixed mother. It seems that even at an early age the stars were always in his eyes. By the time he reached high school, his interest in writing had developed. Fast forward to 2005 when his interest taken shape in the form of poems and song lyrics. His love and appreciation for movies, music and television also unearthed that year and it was then that he knew what he'd hope to do with his life some day: write, produce and direct for tv, film and music. Now that he's joined the Corriente Latina family and getting exposed to new and exciting things, he hopes to develop his writing skills and some day in the future gain the experience and tools necessary to take that next step and make his dreams a reality.
Owner of, editor in chief, staff writer. Demonstrated Hispanic marketing and social media expertise as evidenced through leadership of the award-winning website My Awards include: - 2017 Jack Daniel's Neighborhood Flavors Honoree for "Movers & Shakers to help the Hispanic Community in Queens, NY. - 2016 Tecla Award for Best Latino News and Culture website at Hispanicize and sponsored by Telemundo. - 2015 All-Star Mixtape Award Winner - Best Latin Music Website - 4 Time Nominee for Best Latin Music Website at the Latin Mixx Awards
Staff writer - Celebrity news and Fashion Whitney Miles was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Graduating with a B.A. in Mass Media, she knew that her degree could lead to various outlets of entertainment. Studying pre and post TV production has led to several internships including an internship at Mountain Lake PBS and volunteering for other media outlets. Utilizing the skills she has learned, she is ready to embrace the blogging world. When you have a passion, you can't let it go.