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A Newbie’s Walkthrough of TechDay NYC 2018

This line does NOT show how many people really went to TechDay.

To be totally transparent, I am a web developer / Technical Project Manager / Certified SCRUM Master by profession, but if you can imagine,  I had never been to a TechDay in NYC ever.

I have to say that walking through the location you get a real sense of some cool technology that’s being worked on. If you don’t leave there with a fire in your gut to get something going for yourself then I don’t know what is wrong with you.

Let’s take a small peak at some of the booths I visited while at TechDay NYC.


Give Lively

I came from the nonprofit environment at my last position leading the web team for the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade and I still do web work for a few nonprofits. One of the big things is fundraising. You have quite a few to chose from like Blackbaud, Classy and Donor Drive just to name a few.  Give Lively peaked my interest.  Speaking with the people at the booth gave me a great feeling that they were really using technology to help nonprofits. They themselves are run by a foundation so aside from Stripe The payment processor collecting their fees, Give Lively Doesn’t take anything. They offer unlimited campaigns, Text-to-Donate, Peer to Peer, Video Storytelling and so much more.  I am definitely going to try them out when I launch the Stop Bullying Tour Organization.



Givz is a platform that I like to say connects donors to nonprofits in a one to many fashion. This is for those individuals that donate to many different nonprofits during the year. You can easily donate to a multitude of nonprofits directly from one platform without any hassles.


Tēmi Robot

That little robot you see on the right of the picture is your new smart virtual assistant. It will follow you while you live your life at home and take care of those tasks you need help on. The screen allows you to do things like watch tv, listen to music and much more. To put it simply, it is your personal robot.


My Bodega Online

How many times have you been home and thought “I would love a chopped cheese right now but I am not trying to walk to the bodega.” Well now you don’t have to. is coming!  Launching in August, the app will partner with Bodegas around the city to help solve that problem. Order milk, cold cuts, sandwiches, whatever is sold in the bodega and get it delivered directly to your house. “But we have fresh direct, amazon, etc” well yea, but if you grew up around a bodega, you know how special they are.


Califia Farms

You had me at coffee. I LOVE coffee and this was my first time trying Califia coffee. It was a really nice blend – not overly sweet which was great.  For those of you like me who really don’t like drinking milk in the morning or those that drink lactaid, this is perfect. All ingredients are GMO-free and sustainable. This makes a product like this even more important to us. Try it out. it is really yummy.


Make Music Count

I waited for him to finish setting up because I was curious to see how this worked. Well if I understood this correctly, it will teach your children math and piano all at the same time. Using current music tracks, the child answers math questions with answers via the piano keys. I am totally doing this no justice so here’s a video!



Take a look at a few more pics