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HenryQ Comics… The Time Is AHORA!

© HenryQ Productions 2020


Sure, we’re always in awe with what goes on with Marvel and DC. Sometimes we even get tangled in a web of Image or even Dark Horse. But what if I told you there’s a hidden gem out there? One that begs the following question: will you be able to maintain your sanity when you’re on the up-n-up with HenryQ Comics? A division of HenryQ Productions, LLC, HQC is a revolutionary device of cutting-edge art and storytelling courtesy of Mr. Ralph Henriquez. A solid animator and award-winning filmmaker (whose vision expands beyond realms of anything we’re used to), Mr. Henriquez’s touch is one that’s inspired by unique pizzazz and ‘tude provided by Latino culture. Due to lack of representation in the industry, or mostly negative portrayal when “exposed,” the fuse for HQC was ignited, leading to two action-packed titles: FUERZA and RAGE IN THE SHADOWS

Having been privileged to be handpicked by Mr. Henriquez to read both titles in advance, I must say there are it-factors to both pieces: 1. The style of writing and art illustrations that generate an adventurous form of engagement while luring you deeper as you flip pages… and 2. An allure of characters, settings, and overall dominant Latino presence. In short, a unique flavor you don’t really get from other comic titles. While one gears more towards Puerto Rican heritage and pride, the other has a more generic touch that can be relatable to other Latino/Hispanic nationalities. Action-packed and full of fun, engaging narratives, HenryQ Comics has enough swag to generate a following, rattle cages, and appease the masses with a breath of fresh air.  

Spoiler-free, I can give you a quick toe-dip on what lies behind these two curtains of brilliance:

FUERZA | © HenryQ Comics 2020

FUERZA follows Jilliana Nieves, a park ranger in Puerto Rico who encounters a celestial soul in need of help. In turn, Jilliana is granted with incredible powers, placing this newly formed Latina superhero on a path of intergalactic challenges. I mean, c’mon… with great power comes… Oh, you know the rest!

-RAGE IN THE SHADOWS | © HenryQ Comics 2020

RAGE IN THE SHADOWS follows federal agent, Angelica Garcia. On a twisted trail looking to reconnect with her kidnapped husband (Dr. Jaime Garcia) and daughter (Christina)… Angelica finds more than she would ever imagine. Lured into a dark world riddled with more questions than answers, the ordeal becomes bigger than recuperating her family.

Fierce on all levels, the magic ingredient to both titles is it’s led by Latinas! Therefore, I conclude, girl-power (no pun) would be an understatement. With the potential to grow and provide tentacles for other stand-alone characters and story developments, the seeds for the HQC Universe have been planted!

The good news is these are live and available for you as well. The following links provide a way for you to support both titles, join the adventure, and most importantly… support Latino-based art and artists. I whole heartedly recommend going for it! It’s Christmas, so, these would also make unique gifts for someone whose interests are knee-deep in the world of comics.

FUERZA #1: Purchase Link

RAGE IN THE SHADOWS #1 Purchase Link

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© HenryQ Productions, LLC 2020