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Johnnie Walker Tasting Experience

Whisky brand Johnnie Walker held a private scotch tasting event at Nomo Soho. The tasting had limited sessions in NYC and tickets were sold out immediately. I am definitely not a whisky lover, but I was interested in learning the history and testing the drinks. Check-in was mandated upon the start of the event. There was a cash bar and hors d’oeuvres prior to the presentation. The setting of the presentation was similar to a science lab minus the goggles and lab coats. The room was standing only and each person had two sample drinks and water. The presenter gave a history of Johnnie Walker, which has been highly popular since launching in the 1800s and still selling at a cost of $28 and up. Black label and double black label were the drinks that we tested. The ingredients included smoke, vanilla, spice and fruit, but I mostly tasted the smoke flavor. The flavor left a bitter taste and is more suitable for those that like whisky. At the conclusion of the event, all guests were given a complimentary drink from the brand’s specialty menu at the main bar. Johnnie Walker can be purchased at available stores and online.
Pics from the event: