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Keratin Lounge by Lasio Network Event


It was a fun filled night at the Keratin Lounge by Lasio. As guests walked into the contemporary chic salon located at 39 West 38th Street in Manhattan, they were greeted by the event staff and vendors.

The first 25 guests to arrive were given a complimentary gift bag that including an xsenergy sample, $10 Keratin lounge gift card and Lasio hyper silk advanced serum ($25.50). At the bar, a variety of unlimited pastries including macaroons, shrimp, veggie sandwiches and wine were presented to guests.

While eating and drinking, many were checking out the private business vendors and getting a scoop of the latest trends. Dandrea handbags and Xsenergy had promotions of 30% off accessories and variety energy drink baskets.  Xsenergy was the only vendor that was not catered to women. It is an energy drink that is a private retailer and only sold online. Guests were given samples of a mix with ciroc and flavored energy drink. I tasted a sample, which reminded of flavored seltzer water.

However, it was still good with a sweet taste. The Keratin Lounge was a nice way to jump start the weekend with a drink after work, shopping and networking. If you are near the area, they have a selection of men and women’s services starting from $45 and up.


Images from the Keratin Lounge by Lasio Network Event