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"Lbs.: Movie Reviews"

GENRE: Drama and Comedy
ROARS: 4 Out of 5

Rated: N/R – Run Time: 1 Hour 45 Minutes

CAST: Miriam Shor, Michael Aronov, Sharon Angela, Carmine Famiglietti, Susan Varon

DIRECTOR: Matthew Bonifacio

Without pulling any punches, this film’s geared towards the downside of being FAT! Yes, there are politically correct terms, but that’s just not who I am as always feeling compelled to share the mindset of most in this great blunt nation of ours. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. It’s a straightforward piece which garnished much interest on my part after having read a few articles. And the level of desire to view it became even greater during a casual Facebook conversation with a friend of mine who knows the big man (no pun) behind this cinematic curtain. After screening it with the same friend, I set out on some detective work. (Cough) I find out for a film that started its pace in 2000, began principal production in 2001 and unveiling at Sundance in 2004, all I can say is Lbs. has been vaulted way too long, and after having endured both of Bush’s presidential terms in hiding, it might be able to obtain the push it needs along side Michelle Obama’s shout pertaining to obesity.

Lbs. follows Neal (Carmine Famigliettei), a young ‘How-ya-dooooin’ Brooklynite, pushing over 300lbs. who after much disarray influenced by his size, takes it upon himself to act swiftly and heads upstate on a healthy plan of attack upon himself. His retreat consists of obtaining shelter, tolerating loneliness and fending off hunger during vigorous will-power of physical activities leading to strip off 100lbs. (In midst of all this, it also leads to unexpected romance and heart-break before his homecoming). Much of the film’s inspiration, aside from writing and pacing, stems during frames which display Carmine’s weight loss. Not sure about timing between shoots, but I’m betting a couple of years to ensure obvious appearance. Without any doubt, Lbs. serves an authentic piece of art imitating life… and even more during contemporary times pertaining to our nation’s issues pertaining to obesity.

In closing, like any film, studio or indie, it serves its purpose. Has its ups and downs, but in the end, this overdue film delivers a powerful insight leading to addiction and battles. The cast work their roles to the best of their abilities and within its obvious realm of topic, there’s also hidden subtleties regarding community and general reaction… Especially in MY hometown of New Yawk City –OH!!

Opening on limited release. Check local listings