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Lions vs. Vehicles : Which Voltron did you like more?



If you grew up in my era then you probably grew up watching Voltron Defender of the Universe. As you probably know there were two Voltron’s out there “Defending the Universe”.

Both were loved by good and feared by evil.

Not to get into all my conspiracy theory stuff, but it is strange how it mentions “good” planets joining forces and creation a coalition against the forces of evil, but anyway.

Here is my 2 cents on the whole Voltron situation. I Didn’t really like the Vehicle version.  I mean for one there were like 30 people that were used in that Voltron. Like seriously, what if one got sick? then what? Voltron can’t form because the “Foot” is missing? come on.  You needed three teams with special skills; aka air team, land team, sea team.  No thank you. 5 lions is enough for me – thanks.

I will tell you the one thing that always made me feel weird out the most about the Vehicle Voltron, it was the “… form arms and Torso…” like wait. what? Form the what? middle of the whole body? Na I’m good. where are the LIONS!

air team separate, land team separate, sea team separate.

Form the Torso!

Form Voltron!


So here you go.  A time machine back to your past.  Let me know which Voltron you liked the most!

Lions Voltron

Vehicle Voltron

Let me know which one you liked the most?