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Macy’s Hispanic Heritage Month


Macy’s Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month “Los Influyentes” with Mario Lopez & Angel Merino 

National Hispanic Heritage Month is widely recognized in the U.S. for its influence in culture, politics, education, art and other contributions that has positively impacted the country. To captivate this month-long celebration, Macy’s hosted the Los Influyentes campaign with Actor/TV Host Mario Lopez and Celebrity Makeup Artist Angel Merino aka Mac Daddy, which recognizes their contributions to Latin culture. Angel started the event with a highlight contouring demonstration with MAC products. The demonstration focused on contouring the face using appropriate tools to make your head or nose look smaller. Angel emphasized that he contours his forehead due to its large size and he is lucky to have a beard because it helps his contouring look more natural. He believes that the MAC face mist is one of the best products to use after applying makeup.

The panel discussion shortly began after Angel’s demonstration, which focused on the upbringing of being Latino, social media impact and career choices. Mario and Angel both spoke about being raised by different households. Mario is Mexican American who is from a blue collar family. Angel is El Salvadorian and was raised by his single mother. Both men took lessons from their parents’ struggles as they migrated with very little and fought to build their dreams. They also discussed their love for their mothers’ favorite dishes and that they are not as skilled in cooking. Mario never wanted to be an actor or famous, but fell into it due to his parents taking him on auditions. He broke barriers in the 1980s as being the first Latino to guest star on Golden Girls. The role landed him several gigs including his most known role as AC Slater on Saved by the Bell. Angel was always different as he was very passionate about art at an early age. The skills he learned from his mother and grandmother led him to MAC as a makeup artist. Upon receiving his last paycheck, he decided to go hard or go home with creating his own business. A move that was extremely risky, but worked in his favor as he became celebrity makeup artist to Christina Millan, Cassie, Chanel Iman and more. With his success in social media and celebrity clients, Mac Daddy has his own cosmetics line. Customers who made a purchase of $50 or more during the event, received a copy of Don Omar’s album “The Last Don II” and took a photo with Mario and Angel.


Images from the event: