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Napster to reinvent itself one more time as a Streaming Music Service?


The year was 1999 and a simple Peer to Peer application would change the way Music was both heard and distributed around the world.  That application was called Napster. The file-sharing music service garnered love from the people and hate from the corporations and artists to the point where their legal troubles over copyright infringement were so massive that they had to shut down.

BUT NOW, according to The Hollywood Reporter the music sharing service is returning after a 4 year absese to cement itself once again in the public eye; this time as a subscription-based music service.

The service is set to provide around 35 million songs for online streaming and offline playback via your favorite phone’s like IOS, Android, Windows, even web and chromecast.

So are you pumped to have another streaming service at your fingertips? If you said yes, then there is one little hitch ayyy. you must live in Canada where its only going to be available.

Now seriously, do you think we need another music service? I mean they are all around $9.99 a month give or take with the exception of apple Music which has their family plan.

Are you interested?