Recap: “Power” Season 2 Episode #4 – You’re the Only Person I Can Trust

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"Recap: “Power” Season 2 Episode #4 – You’re the Only Person I Can Trust"

PowerBannerNot one but two relationships simultaneously hit rough patches, dots are starting to be connected on both the drug and law enforcement fronts and another one bites the dust (but who?).  Here’s what you need to know before watching tonight’s all new episode of Power.

Ghost/Jamie (Omari Hardwick) and Tasha (Naturi Naughton) are in a good place as of late, but trouble hits paradise (again) when Tasha goes snooping through his things and uncovers that “Mrs. St. Patrick” had a massage in Miami.  Being that Tasha never went with Ghost/Jamie to Miami, it’s pretty damn obvious who the woman is that enjoyed her massage.  Oh it’s game on mofo!  Tasha has the code for their place changed and now Ghost is locked out of his own home and barred from going upstairs.  It really is “hard out there for a pimp.”  Tasha also shuts down Shawn (Sinqua Walls) and feels they need to not cross the line and just remain friends.  Seeing that the woman he wants doesn’t want him, he turns to Tasha’s best friend LaKeisha (LaLa Anthony) which results in a horizontal mambo complete with a flash of Shawn’s muscle ass and LaKeisha shown topless (the first time either character has had a sex scene on the show).  Tasha later finds Shawn in her bedroom while he was gathering some belongings for Ghost/Jamie and spills the beans that she knows about the Angela situation.  Feeling vulnerable she makes a move on him, but gets interrupted when she hears her son calling for her.  I wonder will this unrelationship will ever go from flirting to a full on romance.  I admit I do like Shawn for Tasha and he really cares for her in ways Ghost/Jamie no longer does, but Tasha is accustomed to the fiber things and I’m doubtful she’d give that up.  We shall see.

As Angela (Lela Loren) continues to make headway in connecting the dots, she’s getting closer to proving that Tommy (Joseph Sikora) is involved with all the recent drug activity going on.  Her lead puts her in good standing with her boss who reinstates her back onto the task force.  Though she’s on the right track, she still has no clue that Jamie and Ghost are the same person.  Ghost/Jamie let’s the cat out of the bag that he had Tasha believing he and Angela were over which results in the two of them getting into a fight, but Angela decides they should start over tonight.  I admire Angela’s heart, her love for Jamie and for seeing him as the man he can be cuz I’d love nothing more then to find someone who looks at me that way.  But I’m gonna need mama to WAKE THE FUCK UP and STOP being dickmatized!  Get your head out the clouds cuz that beef sausage he’s laying on you is causing you not to see straight.  The Ghost you’re after is laying in your bed and you can’t even see it boo!

Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) continues to further wiggle his way into Ghost and Tommy’s operation.  He introduces Tommy to Dre (Rotimi Akinosho) and gets one step closer to getting everything he’s been after.  Kanan isn’t feeling Dre’s man Broc who was a little too disrespectful towards Tommy and decides to do something about it.  He drives out with Dre to a deserted area and reveals that Broc is in the trunk holding his tongue which Kanan cut out.  He informs Dre he needs to make sure that who he has are people that can be trusted and has Dre kill Broc.  Meanwhile what Kanan doesn’t realize is that Ghost is on to him and it’s only a matter of time before he has concrete proof that Kanan is behind everything.  I think it’s you who’d better watch his back Kanan because Ghost is someone you should’ve NEVER came after and if it comes down to it, I side with Ghost and hope he smokes that ass!  Tune in tonight at 9pm for an ALL new episode of Power and check your local listings for channel information.

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