Review: “Revolving Doors” Short Narrative #Tribeca2017

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"Review: “Revolving Doors” Short Narrative #Tribeca2017"

The short narrative “Revolving Doors” follows the course that so many people go through.  The way that many released convicts deal with life on the outside.  Especially when a family is involved.

Story follows a father returning back to prison and the turmoil that a family goes through when their father returns to prison. After two years or prison he returns to find his family is a little different.  How a parents decision affects their children and the plight to set the right course.

Director: James Burns

Screenwriter: James Burns

Cinematographer: Andrew Baris, Kyle Deitz

Editor: Stacy Kim, Jeb Benegas

Composer: Jay Wadley

Executive Producer: Johnathan Gray, Todd Wiseman Jr., Milos S. Silber, Burce Meyerson

Producer: James Burns, Robbie Mirels, Todd Wiseman Jr., Milos S. Silber

Co-Producer: Jeb Banegas, Stacy Kim, Kyle Deitz

Cast: The Bobbit Family

About the Director:

James Burns is an award-winning director and producer whose storytelling career began in a prison cell while serving a 12 year sentence. His source of motivation is to craft authentic stories of the human condition through the power of cinematic language.