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Review: The Story of God with Morgan Freeman Premiere


The Story of God is a 6 part documentary on National Geographic that tells an unremarkable journey of the power of religion. Actor Morgan Freeman travels around the world to discuss religious beliefs and how it connects us .Morgan was raised in Mississippi by his religious family and suffered many tragedies, but never forgot his faith. As he embarks on this journey, he encounters religious groups and the practices that are used in celebrating life.

The world premiere was held at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Frederick P Rose Hall with a star-studded red carpet. Reuben Santiago, Joseph Sikora, Dylan Baker and Morgan Freeman were some of the big names that supported the event. As the stars walked the red carpet, they were mostly interviewed about their religious beliefs and connection to the documentary.

Morgan Freeman is the executive producer of the Story of God and introduced the first episode. As the opening credits rolled, Morgan gave a narration on the origin of religion. I was glued to my seat as he discussed Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism, and Hinduism. Mexico and India celebrate the dead by burning the bodies near sea and having a day of the dead celebration.

India does not mourn the deceased as they believe in reincarnation and Mexico spends a day of celebrating by gathering families to contact their deceased loved ones.

There are several definitions of god and the meaning of life is  based on different cultures. We may all believe in different practices or beliefs, but we are all connected by serving a purpose in life. The Story of God is a global event that will air in over 170 countries on National Geographic on Sunday, April 3 at 9 pm.