Sally Hansen Personalized Pop Up Nail Bar

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"Sally Hansen Personalized Pop Up Nail Bar"

Nail color and nail care brand Sally Hansen hosted a three-day weekend event celebrating their miracle gel collection. Sally Hansen is launching their ManiMatch TM app, which offers 3D manicures and an easier way to find the perfect shade. The shade is mostly based on your complexion. The event was held at 120 Wooster Street in Soho, which was free and open to the public. The space was vibrant with a DJ, manicure stations and lighting color changes based on what nail color you posted on social media.

There was a vending machine that let you use the app to choose the best nail color that fits your complexion. The line for the machine was long due to only having one machine on site. Once you stepped up to the machine, you placed your hands inside and it scans it to find the best match. If you didn’t like the color that was chosen, you were given an option to choose something else.

Each miracle gel polish came with a top coat as it is a two step gel manicure. There were three manicure stations for mini gel manicures and you were able to choose from a variety of colors, which quickly dried within 5 minutes. The miracle gel collection is available for purchase, which is sold through most retailers. To find out more information on this brand and its products, visit