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Tribeca 2018 Review: Knuckles

Tim Phillipps as Matt and Mirko Grillini as Terry in KNUCKLES. Photo credit: Robert Michael Geary.

I like watching short films because I believe they leave things open to interpretation since their time is limited. This is one of them.  Cinematically it’s not a bad short at all.  I get it… He was fighting to get money to take care of his child. But there’s certain aspects of the film that really don’t make much sense to me.


Tim Phillipps as Matt in KNUCKLES. Photo credit: Robert Michael Geary.

I would rather people who have seen the film comment and let me know about certain things like:

Who took the money?

Why was the money left there?

So you got a picture in return?  Then does that mean that you are starting to get “in” more with the child and family? And if so then why didn’t he just drop it off to someone’s hands?

These are the things that make me really like watching shorts.   I hope someone else who’s seen it can tell me their thoughts as well.