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U by Kotex Period Shop

Cramps, mood swings, acne, heavy flow and so much more are some of the many symptoms that we get during our menstrual. It is a topic that is very sensitive and not too many girls or women are comfortable discussing. This topic should be enforced throughout all schools as part of health education. My parents not only discussed this issue with me at a young age, but also my 5th grade teacher instructed an informational session. It’s something all females will experience in some part of their lives.

How did a period shop get created? The Fashion Institute of Technology student Sarah Michelson blogged about the lack of a store dedicated to periods. She wanted a space where we can feel comfortable and respected during the worst time of the month. The period shop is a part of U by Kotex’s campaign period projects which is aimed to make women feel better about their monthly experiences. The pop-up was held at 138 5th Avenue and was the center of attention in the Flatiron District. I think all attendees felt better than ever these last few days as the shop had a manicure station, ice cream bar, music, comfortable attire, and U by Kotex products. I felt like I struck gold as I received complimentary U by Kotex full size products. Let me tell you…it was a lot and will last for quite some time. Thanks Kotex for not taxing and allowing us to save on everyday care.



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