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Unimundo 45 | Tribeca 2019 Review

When an Afro-Latina working at a Latin American news station realizes the power of media, she takes a stand  in the only way she knows how. While this is a totally fictional piece, it really shows the power of how news media dictates peoples actions without doing any digging or fact checking. 

This HBO short should be seen!

Cast & Credits

Director: Thembi Banks 
Project Creator: Claudia Forestieri 
Executive Producer (Main Credit): Kimberley Browning 
Producer: Pamela Monroe 
Screenwriter: Claudia Forestieri 
Cinematographer: Don Morgan 
Network: HBO 
Composer: Germaine Franco 
Editor: Jessica Hernandez 
Executive Producer: Kimberley Browning 
Cast: Elizabeth De Razzo, Maria Camargo, Luis Fernandez-Gil, Garrick Bernard, Jandres Burgos, Blanca Araceli 
Casting Director: Kim Williams