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Uno Lavoz Returns to battle O-Solo

After a three year hiatus to focus on his standup comedy the always entertaining self proclaimed “funny man in this battle rap shit” returns to the stage against O-Solo on ‘Gates of the Garden’ The Gateway card.  

Whether you know him from using Your Mom jokes on stage or from all types of buckets, Uno Lavoz has cemented himself as a staple in the battle rap arena. Let’s not think of him by that alone. He has slowly been chipping away at his stand up comedy and is currently working on an hour long comedy special that will infuse comedy and battle rap slated to premier on his YouTube channel (link) 

I know what you’re thinking. Why are we even writing about this. You know why? Cause like us, you secretly love watching Uno Lavoz.  His creative approach and care free attitude during battles makes him one of the most entertaining and most watched battle rappers to ever grace the stage. 

So stay tuned for July 1st to “The Gateway” as he matches wits, bars and humor with O-Solo!