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White out | Tribeca 2019 Review

White Out Movie

A seemingly normal couple (Sarah Tihany and David Call) on their way home cross paths with a man (Patrick M. Walsh Jr.) in the middle of the road during a snowstorm.

As they try to find ways to help this person, their own personal faults bubble to the top until it climaxes into an act that could derail their initial good hearted nature. 

Cast & Credits

Director: Lance Edmands 
Producer: Kyle Martin, Craig Butta 
Screenwriter: Lance Edmands, Sarah Tihany 
Cinematographer: Adam Newport Berra 
Composer: Mark Henry Phillips 
Editor: Lance Edmands 
Executive Producer: Washington Square Films, Bureau of Creative Works 
Co-Producer: Jared Jones 
Cast: Sarah Tihany, David Call, Patrick M Walsh Jr. 
Music & Sound: Mark Henry Phillips 
Visual Effects: Perry Kroll 

Lance Edmands was born and raised in coastal Maine and attended NYU film school. His first feature, Bluebird, premiered at Tribeca in 2013 and was named a NY Times Critics’ Pick. Edmands also directs and edits commercials, including acclaimed spots for Chevy, Cadillac, and Google.