Boy Wonder presents Chosen Few RD Listening Session

"Boy Wonder presents Chosen Few RD Listening Session"

chosen-few-rd-listening-session-main“It’s not about making a hit, it’s about making a classic” – Boy Wonder

Only open to a group of hand selected media, Boy Wonder unveiled his latest body of work; Chosen Few RD, alongside some of the artists that are featured on the album. Hosted by none other than Stefie Chacon, artists like Mozart La Para, Messiah, El Mayor Clasico, Mely Mel (La Mama Del Rap), Black Jonas Point, Chiko Swagg and Jay The Prince were on hand to talk about the project, share a glimpse of their careers and ultimately have a great time.

This intimate affair offered us an insider view of the inner workings on how Sirius XM deals with events like these; which I have to say that the level of professionalism and care for both the artists and guests was exceptional and offered us; as media, a natural environment to interact with these stars on a friendlier level than the hustle and bustle that occur backstage during stage performances.

Each artist there brought something special to the room and the project. It was great to see the support every artist gave to each other and their music careers. To be honest it was like everyone left their egos at the door and just relaxed and hung out with each other like old friends.

During the event they sampled songs from the soon to be released “Chosen Few RD” which will be officially be released both in digital format as well as physical copies on April 7th.

If you had to ask me personally who I thought the standout was it would be quite difficult but Messiah’s live performance of “Tu Protagonista” had everyone at the edge of their seats. And had a funny dialogue between him and El Mayor Clasico.

Standout song that I got to hear would be that one and “La Cura” by Mely Mel. The infectious hook and tight verses had every other artist singing it by the time the song was over. I kind of smelled a Messiah, Black Point remix on that (You hear that Boy!).

Overall I think the album will be a solid effort by an individual who is known to bring out the best in artists and his mastermind behind putting together compilations is unquestionably among the best.

Stay tuned as we review the album once it’s released. For now you can see the actual video as we saw it at the Sirius XM offices.

Here are some pics of the Chosen Few Listening Session Event