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"Spy (Movie Review)"

Screenshot_2015-05-20-22-10-55-1When a nuclear bomb goes on the market for sale to the highest bidder, the CIA is faced with an dilemma and making matters worse, the seller bought a list containing the names and identities of EVERY active operative the agency has in the field.  With the covers of all active agents known, how can the CIA resolve the situation without being seen from a mile away?  Enter Susan Cooper, the agency’s top intelligence analyst.  Susan’s never been in the field and gets recruited to go on a recon mission to track and report on the seller of the nuke.  The goal is to find an opportunity to neutralize the situation before the bomb is sold.

What starts off as a typical spy movie quickly flips the script and not on just on spy movies but action comedies in general.  The film is a 2 hour nonstop entertaining ride full of jokes, action and so MANY hilarious one liner jabs that it’s impossible to not leave this movie with a sore belly and a few tears in your eyes from all the laughter.

In the role of Susan Cooper is the reigning queen of comedy films (Bridesmaids, Identity Thief and The Heat) and Emmy winner Melissa McCarthy (CBS’s Mike & Molly).  Can I take this moment to praise her and come up with a hash tag inspired by her awesomeness?  #PlusSizePowerhouse and I say it with LOVING affection because what Melissa has done and continues to do is ROCK Hollywood while breaking down various stereotypes in her path.  Who says you can’t be a full figured woman and kick ass?  She proved that with The Heat and with the upcoming Spy she’s raising the bar that she herself had set.  If the curvy girls need a role model to aspire to be like then McCarthy is definitely the #GoToGal of this movement.  I’ve LOVED McCarthy since Bridesmaids and believe me when I tell you this is her FUNNIEST film to date.  This film MORE than makes up for the lackluster Tammy which I feel is her only movie that was just ok but nothing to rave about.

Joining Melissa is action hero and UK heartthrob Jason Statham (The Expendables movies, Furious 7 and The Transporter movies) playing field agent Rick Ford.  Statham is normally the hero in any film and he still maintains that presence here, but for the first time (that I’m aware of) he shows off his comedy chops and the man is on FIRE.  His Agent Ford is one hell of an agent but so far left that you wonder if the man has taken one too many blows to the head throughout his spy career.

Rose Byrne (McCarthy’s costar in Bridesmaids) kicks the bitch factor up 10 fold and is so DELICIOUSLY nasty as Rayna Boyanov (daughter of a crime boss who takes over her father’s operation) that she more then holds her own alongside McCarthy in the jokes department.  I’ve always said I can’t stand a bitch but absolutely LOVE them in movies and on tv and Byrne has joined my long list of memorable bitches.  Jude Law (the Sherlock Holmes movies and Cold Mountain) plays field agent Bradley Fine who Susan guides during his missions.  Though Law exudes his usual charm, he also manages to display a little humor that isn’t typical of his movie roles (you’ll know what I mean during the opening sequence of the film).

Also featured in the movie is english actress/comedian Miranda Hart as Susan’s best friend and fellow analyst Nancy Artingstall, english actor/comedian Peter Serafinowicz (Peter in Shaun of the Dead) as the overly flirtatious french ally Aldo, multi Emmy winner Allison Janey (The West Wing and CBS’s Mom) as Susan’s deputy director Elaine Crocker, Emmy winner (Boardwalk Empire) and Bryne’s real life love Bobby Cannavale as Sergio De Luca (the man intending on doing business with Rayna), Homeland alum Morena Baccarin as field agent Karen Walker and rapper turned actor Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson making a cameo as himself.  Susan Copper reports for duty on June 5th as the film opens nationwide, the MUST see comedy and FUNNIEST film of the year and one you do NOT want to miss.

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