Could one play make baseball less boring?

"Could one play make baseball less boring?"

7/28/15: Omar Infante fields Roberto Perez’s grounder and backhand flips to Alcides Escobar, who barehands and throws to first for the out.

I have to admin that I haven’t been a fan of baseball for a huge number of years. I mean probably since the Mets traded Lenny Dykstra or Jose Canseco wouldn’t play because he had a hang nail. Either way I was done with the sport. Every couple of years, I do try to return to it and watch a few innings only to wake up not realizing I had fallen asleep.

Maybe its my short baseball attention span or the fact that its starting to feel like its the equivalent to Nascar and watching cars drive around in a circle. BUT THIS. THIS right HERE – this was a thing of beauty. I watched it around 20 times in amazement on how cool this was.  I felt like I was 13 again and waiting for baseball spring training to start, watch the movie “Major League” then knock on my friend Xavier’s door so we can go outside and play “baseball” in the middle of the projects.

so thank you MLB for one highlight that I could put in a top 10 list of great plays.