New video game trailer for Nova Nukers

"New video game trailer for Nova Nukers"

After almost three years of dedicated development, indie game development team Lemonbomb Entertainment debuts a trailer in preparation of the Q1 2018 launch of their flagship multiplayer third-person arena shooter, “Nova Nukers!”. The title features intense and rewarding weapons-based battling both online and offline. Sign up for the waiting list to receive a preview copy at no cost. 

Lemonbomb CEO Florian Mann says, “At  Lemonbomb Entertainment, we focus on creating games which are enjoyable by newcomers as well as experienced players. “Nova Nukers!” might be about destroying each other, but ultimately it’s designed to bring gamers and non-gamers closer together and serve as a staple party game that people of all skill levels can enjoy.”

“Nova Nukers!” features third-person multiplayer combat on 6 unique tiny-world arenas with 14 different off-the-wall weapons and a two-stage combat system. First, a player must be stunned by a weapon. Then, the attacker must “catch” the other player by using the catch-ray and chasing him down. The defending player can recover early from the stun through aggressive button mashing, giving him more time to attack his pursuer and initiate a counter-catch!

Environments in “Nova Nukers!” are varied and destructible, and the core of every 3D planet is filled with deadly magma. The shifting battlefield creates diversity and verticality, and no two scraps are alike.
“Nova Nukers!” was designed from the ground up to be a split/screen or online friendship wrecking multiplayer brawl. With the increased resources from the recent addition of a programmer to the Lemonbomb team, the game also includes AI-bots at five increasing skill levels for offline skirmishing.
In the style of many classic arena shooters, pre-battle options are extensive to let the players make the conflict as balanced or as ridiculous as they desire.

“Nova Nukers!” has full controller support and will be available on Steam and PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE.

About Lemonbomb Entertainment: 

The team of Lemonbomb Entertainment met while studying game design at the Mediadesign Hochschule in Düsseldorf. While working on their bachelor’s theses, they joined together and founded an indie studio to realize their own dreams and create the games they always wanted to play. Since May 2015 they are now working on Nova Nukers! from their office in Düsseldorf.