Comedy Central to Roast Justin Bieber (and I hope he cries)

"Comedy Central to Roast Justin Bieber (and I hope he cries)"

Justin Bieber

Wait. What? Is it Christmas? For all the millions and millions of people who probably hate Justin Bieber, this is a small win against the 20 year old pop star, who has publicly been nothing short of an asshole for the last couple of years.  Justin has come out and stated that he considers this some sort of therapy.  His romantic leazons with numerous women along with his bad conduct seem to have little effect on the multitude of tweens that still love Bieber.

There’s no set date for when this Roast will occur but I try hope that Jeff Ross makes him cry. But considering all the money that Bieber has, I really hope that he doesnt write the rebuttals himself and hires some great comedian to do it and work with him on delivery.