Did Dakota Johnson – ISIS Skit on SNL go too far?

"Did Dakota Johnson – ISIS Skit on SNL go too far?"

Dakota Johnson - SNL - ISIS SkitI recently was on Instagram where I saw one of my favorite hiphop artists (and if you know me its not the one you are thinking of) post an image of a woman that had a big black and blue around her eye and down her face with the caption – what color do you see? black and blue or white and gold. An obvious attempt to build on “The Dress”, but here is where my problem lies. As a person in the public spotlight should you have some filter on what you post and/or find funny? I went and had a dialog with another person who was commenting on how I was jumping to conclusion and that I didn’t know what really happened to the lady. And I responded with my prior sentence. At the end we discussed freedom or speech but celebrity responsibility. Shout out to that person because we had an intellectual discussion and not a fake internet-tuff-guy interaction.

Well fast forward to last night and now we have Dakota Johnson (50 Shades of Gray) on Saturday Night Live and her skit is a “father-daughter” momment but she’s off to join ISIS? This is the same group who has kidnapped and decapitated people live on camera. But this is funny?

While I admit I am NOT an avid SNL watcher by any means, I do find the lighter stuff ok and some pieces are funny.

Well take a look at the clip and let us know what you think? Funny or Not?