Explorer: The Cult of Mary

"Explorer: The Cult of Mary"


EL CULTO A MARIA premieres this Sunday, December 13th at 8pm on Nat Geo Mundo.

The Virgin Mary is one of the most worshiped figures in Christianity. Millions of dedicated Christians around the world go to great legnths to show their devotion. El Culto a Maria travels the world to find some of Mary’s most devoted followers and investigates just how far some are willing to go to get closer to her, from an American mother battling cancer who decides to visit Medjugorje, Bosnia, where Virgin Mary sightings have been reported, to a town in Mexico where a Catholic priest has made it his mission to reform some of the country’s toughest criminals with teachings of the Virgin Mary, to a Catholic community in Alabama that has caused an uproar over accusations that is has developed into a dangerous cult. Some critics argue that an obsession with Mary can prove problematic and even unhealthy.