Gotham Season 1 Episode #17 – Red Hood

"Gotham Season 1 Episode #17 – Red Hood"

Fox_Site_Carousel_Gotham_117A new gang of shotgun wielding thugs makes the scene and pulls a bank heist led by a man wearing a red hood.  Who is the mad in the red hood?  As Gordon and Bullock investigate they learn that the gang members are taking each other out and the hood seemingly passes from person to person.  There’s no way to essentially identify the leader and thus the gang could go on forever unless they can take the entire gang down.  Pace yourself boys because this is gonna be a long day.

A ghost from Alferd’s past emerges.   Who is he and what’s his connection to Alferd?  Those answers will be revealed and they won’t be what anyone expected.  While he’s here he manages to teach young Bruce Wayne a few things, things which will serve him well in the future and you the viewers will get to see another layer of what will add to the creation of Batman.

Fish Mooney FINALLY gets an up close look at the dealings going on upstairs above where she and the other prisoners are being held.  What will she see?  What will she discover?  And when the hell is she getting the hell out and bringing her ass back to Gotham?  Let’s just say she’s got her eye on the prize.  Tune in tonight for an all new episode of Gotham beginning at 8pm.

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