Recap: “Ballers” Season 1 Episode #5 – Machete Charge

"Recap: “Ballers” Season 1 Episode #5 – Machete Charge"

Will Joe secure one of the NFL’s biggest rising stars?  Will Ricky find a way to smooth things over with Alonzo?  Can Spence find a way to get through to Vernon?  Most importantly did a married man forasake his vows and welcome temptation into his life?  Here’s what you need to know about last week’s Ballers before tonight’s all new epsiode of Ballers.

Victor Cruz made good on his promise and had a sit down with Joe (Rob Corddry) and Spence (Dwayne Johnson).  Will the guys land Cruz and add him to their growing roster of super star atheletes?  I sure hope so cuz Cruz is #TheMan.  Vernon Littlefield ( Donavon W. Carter) blows up Spence’s phone and it turns out he needs help.  Remember that corporate event the guys through two episodes back?  Turns out one of the hotties at the party took images of Vernon smoking weed and hanging around with hookers and is threatening to sell if she doesn’t get NICELY compensated.  The guys get to work and end up making offer, but the number doesn’t impress her lawyer who’s asking for half a million.  That’s one EXSPENSIVE ouch!  Looks like Vernon’s career and finances could both take a hit if these pictures are made public.

Meanwhile Ricky (John David Washington) is still trying to find a way to squash the beef Alonzo (Antoine Harris) has with him since finding out Ricky was dickmatizing his mom.  He offers to pay for a day a strippers and booze, but Alonzo goes too far in trying to milk it and winds up getting caught having sex in the back of his jeep.  Lucky for him the cop that was arresting him is a HUGE fan of Ricky’s and agrees to do him a favor by not making the arrest.  Too bad for Alonzo the cop is a family friend of Ricky’s and thanks to their plan Alonzo has finally stopped with his shit.  SMART play Ricky, glad to see you using your head for a change.

Now onto Charles Greane (Omar Miller) who continues to be tempted by the sexy woman he danced with at the corporate event.  She’s already sent him sexy pictures, now she’s upped her game and sent a video of her bare ass popping her booty.  The temptation has Charles fantasizing about sleeping with the beauty, but his heart and commitment to his wife continue to interrupt his sex dreams.  Unfortunately for Greane his wife (Jazmyn Simon) ends up finding out when she sees an email he sent to himself that contained the booty video.  They get into a fight and Charles walks out.  Will their marriage be ok?  I sure hope so because I like them as a couple.  Tune in tonight for an all new episode as Ballers airs Sundays at 10pm on HBO.

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