Recap: Wicked City – Season 1 Pilot

"Recap: Wicked City – Season 1 Pilot"


A time warp back into the great 80s where music was its own and partying and cocoon was rampant. Enter Wicked City. The storyline intrigued me from the jump. Serial Killer in Los Angeles in the 80s? I’m in!

The show starts with a great introduction to the 80s party life and wham! Someone gets offed within the first five minutes.  Set  after the capture of the hillside strangler the game of cat and mouse has begun as the lead detective that captured the Hillside strangler is also on the case of John; our new serial killer.

I think that most of the notorious serial killers have been mild mannered individuals but this one has a twist of killing by dedicating a song to his victims.

I have seen plenty of Shows on ID and I got to tell you that some relationships could be a wicked attraction. Especially in a Wicked City. So is Kent’s (Ed Westwick) twisted relationship with Betty (Erika Christensen) a masterful play at things that have occurred in real life?

The plot thickens as clues emerge from a wanna-be reporter stumbles onto a gruesome crime scene.  Not I don’t want to get aHead of myself but if this is well written this could really be a great show.

Did you watch? Will you watch?