Ricky Martin Opens Up About His Kids and Health at Dr. Oz

"Ricky Martin Opens Up About His Kids and Health at Dr. Oz"

Tomorrow, Dr. Oz is joined by international super-star, Ricky Martin, who found fame at age 12 as a member of the popular Latin American boy band, “Menudo.” Earning six Grammy-Awards and selling more than 85 million albums, how does a man who’s been a single dad for eight years with a booming music career keep his kids and health in check through it all? Dr. Oz and Ricky Martin also discuss potential playdates with fellow famous Las Vegas residents, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez and…did you know Ricky Martin is a VEGETARIAN?!

*PLUS* Watch Dr. Oz learn the parts of the body in Spanish from Ricky Martin himself!

Dr. Oz asks Ricky Martin if he plans on calling Brittney Spears, Celine Dion or Jennifer Lopez to see what they’ve been doing in Vegas with their children, Ricky shares:   “No, no, no, I haven’t, but I will.” Dr. Oz chimes in and advises he should. Ricky asks,  “how?!” and Dr. Oz says, “playdates.” Ricky says,“Playdates, exactly…and Jennifer (Lopez) as well. Dr. Oz says, “Yes, Jennifer also. Could be like a reality show and suggests, “The Parents from Las Vegas.”  Ricky agrees, “It would be good, that’s a good idea.”

On advice for young artists such as One Direction, Dr. Oz asks Ricky Martin what advice he would give them to avoid addiction or bad behaviors, Ricky Martin suggests: “You know what, Dr. Oz. Addiction and all, it happens everywhere not only in this business. It’s something that is very important. Just because we’re in front of the cameras, it’s more noticeable, right? But it happens everywhere. If you are surrounded by the right group of people, and you’re focused, and you’re passionate about what you do—if my kids were to all of a sudden tell me, “Dad, I want to be an artist,” I’d be very supportive. Because once again, in this career, you travel, you get to meet very interesting people, you go around the world, you write music, you see how beautiful it is to break boundaries, and I would do it all over again. This is a very special career, but you have to be surrounded with good people.”


On how his kids play a huge part in his everyday life, Ricky Martin explains: “Everything that I do, every decision that I make is based on them—is based on their well-being. That was a commitment that I made when I decided to become a father. And they are a little bit like my religion because, they don’t know it, but they’re like little life-savers. Because once again, when I have to make a decision, whatever that decision is, I think of them and it turns out to be the right decision.”

On his struggle with high cholesterol from a young age, Ricky Martin reveals: “When I was 18-years-old, the doctor told me, “Why is your cholesterol so high?” Tell me if I’m wrong, Doctor—if you’re 18 and you’re cholesterol is high, it’s genetics, right? But obviously, when you’re 18-years-old, you don’t care—you ignore it completely. Sometimes when you’re 45, you’re still ignoring it. But three years ago—excuse me, five years ago—the doctor said, “We need to really focus on this.”

On becoming a vegetarian, Ricky Martin shares: “I’m a Latin man—I love meat, I love seasoning, I love greasy stuff. And I love my typical food from Puerto Rico. It’s fried, I just love it and it tastes really good. So what can we do? I started…I started…I became a vegetarian—slowly, I didn’t do it drastically. First, I started eliminating the red meat, and the chicken, then the fish. And then it was all vegetables. How did I do that? I don’t know. If you told me when I was 20 that I was going to become a vegetarian, I would’ve been like, you’re crazy—that’s never going to happen. But I’ve lived a very health vegetarian lifestyle for three and a half, four years.”