Teen Mom Amber Portwood on Baier: “there’s a Reason Why We’re Together”

"Teen Mom Amber Portwood on Baier: “there’s a Reason Why We’re Together”"

Teen Mom Amber Portwood and former fiancé Matt Baier appeared on this week’s episode of Brandi Glanville Unfiltered on PodcastOne. Recorded less than two weeks prior to announcing that Portwood called off the wedding to Baier, the episode tells a very different story about their love for each other. Additionally, the couple throws shade at Teen Mom OG Farrah Abraham. The episode is available now on PodcastOne.com, the PodcastOne app and iTunes.

Pictured (left to right): Amber Portwood, Brandi Glanville, Matt Baier

Below is an excerpt from the episode:


On Their Love For Each Other

Portwood: “There’s a reason why we’re together. First of all, because he’s a bada** mother f***er, okay? Nobody knows this…Me? Come on now. Everything I’ve been through, you think I’m going to be with some – I’m naive?”


Glanville: “No.”


Portwood: “We’ve broken up – I don’t know how many damn times we’ve broken up, you know?”


Baier: “A few hours here and there.”


Portwood: “Yeah, you know. He’s been back to Massachusetts a couple times and came back because we love each other. Like it ain’t nothing. But we get through it. Either, you move on because somebody did something in their past, or, you know, you stay with them, you know?…And I said, ‘Amber, look at your life. Look at his life. Let’s talk. Let’s do this.’ And this relationship – we’ve been to couple’s counseling, we’ve been – we’re really, like…”


Baier: “We’re true life partners and because of that…”


Glanville: “He really compliments you and he’s very proud of you, and the way he talks, it’s very sweet.”


Portwood: “And I’m proud of him.”


Glanville: “But, I mean, it’s just – you can see the love that he has for you.”


Portwood: “Do you see the love that I have for him? Nobody ever says that, and I want people to see that.”


Glanville: “Of course, I do. But it’s just – he is so proud to be next to you, and it’s just really sweet.”

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