The Third Act YouTube Series – Mid Life Crisis, Going Single and Getting your Groove back has never looked this good

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"The Third Act YouTube Series – Mid Life Crisis, Going Single and Getting your Groove back has never looked this good"

The first of its kind web series for women “of a certain age” is finally here.  This new show about two friends dealing with the absurdities of suburbia while redefining the mid-life years, promises to be a YouTube hit.  Filled with hilarious banter, awkward encounters and relatable topics, baby boomers will now have an online series to call their own.  Divorce, financial struggles, parents aging and dying, big kids and now big problems, losing mojo, trying to get it back, the single scene at 50 and a stale marriage in need of a makeover – the fun never stops!

Being released exclusively on YouTube as a six episode series every Wednesday mid-December through January, viewers will follow Susan and Jody as they are nearing the empty nest, and looking to get their groove back.  Susan’s newly divorced with two daughters.  Jody’s been married to Walter forever, with a daughter and a son.  Both women spent their twenties in NYC, and have always felt like fish out of water in the ‘burbs.’  They made career sacrifices in order to be there for the kids, and are now struggling to find their place out in the world again. “Leaning in” this late in the game isn’t easy!

The show is fueled by the long-term relationship and chemistry between the show’s creators and main characters.  Over the years, they’ve had many adventures together that left them crying in laughter and laughing through their tears.

“Mid-life is such a rich time of life”, say the show’s creators,  “It’s a time of enormous transition.  The whole concept of what it is to be middle age is changing as we are living longer, healthier, more vibrant lives.  Yet negative stereotypes and ageism persist.  We’re at a unique point in history where the population is getting older, but the media is still youth obsessed.  We, at the tail end of the baby boomers, are faced with the dilemma that we still have a lot of life, still have something to contribute, in other words, we have a third act, but the question is … ‘what’s it going to be?’”

Shot in New York City and Rockland County, Season 1 airs Wednesdays on YouTube:


About the Creators:

Jody Atkinson, a writer, an actor, a community volunteer, a gardener, an animal lover, a lifetime yogi, a yoga teacher, and a studio owner.  After graduating from Cornell, Jody moved to NYC and spent ten years studying and working as an actor, mainly in small theaters in the city and regionally, then moved to The Hudson Valley to raise a family.  While at home with her young children, she wrote a novel, poetry, restored her Victorian home, and refocused her passion for the theater into directing children’s plays and adapting children’s books for the stage.  Combining her love of writing and acting feels like a full circle.

Susan Stava graduated from The Pratt Institute and pursued her master’s degree at Teachers’ college. She is an award winning photojournalist, covering everything from the World Trade Center terrorist attacks, to Harlem prom dates, to Clint Eastwood.  After moving to The Hudson Valley with her family, she added other activities to her new life, becoming a full-time house fixer-upper, a full-time dog rescuer, and turning her eye to her own backyard for subject matter.

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