Trailer For Jorge Ramos’s HATE RAISING – Airing Sunday, 10.23

"Trailer For Jorge Ramos’s HATE RAISING – Airing Sunday, 10.23"


This timely film shows the astonishing and very concerning rise of hate in America. From the Klu Klux Klan to the so called Alt-Right movement, White Supremacist groups are growing in numbers and influence. Their ideas, usually confined to private and secretive gatherings, are becoming mainstream thanks, in part, to the rhetoric being used during on the campaign trail this election cycle. The Southern Poverty Law Center has dubbed it “The Trump Effect.” There is a small, radical segment of the White non-Hispanic population who feels threatened by the demographic changes in the country and are resisting the possibility of becoming a minority. Throughout the documentary, Ramos explores the mainstreaming of these ideas on TV, social media, and in our communities and classrooms. Over four months Ramos traveled to small towns across the nation speaking with Neo Nazis, members of the KKK and the Alt-Right. He also heard stories of Muslims and Latinos who have been the victims of hate crimes. Last year Ramos himself, a Mexican immigrant who is also an American citizen, experienced the anger and intolerance simmering just beneath the surface of our society when a Trump supporter told him to “get out of my country.”



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