Angelina Jolie “Saving” a Fan from an Ambush

"Angelina Jolie “Saving” a Fan from an Ambush"

Last night, I attended the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and waited for the arrival of Angelina Jolie. While she was signing autographs, a girl was screaming and said she couldn’t breathe. Angelina came to the rescue and ordered fans to move aside to let her come to the front of the barricade and put her onto the side of the entrance door (of the show). Throughout the ordeal Angelina was calm, cool and collected as she continued to sign autographs as her bodyguards aided the woman. And then out of nowhere Angelina got down onto her knees on the streets of NY where she signed the woman’s magazines and then took a picture with her. This shows how AMAZING and free spirited. I believe what Ms. Jolie did for that woman was outstanding and commendable. Her put herself as risk when the barricade became unstable but yet maintained composure and continued to sign autographs. She not only cares about her fans but also their safety. This goes to show how far one person (whether they are a celebrity or not) would go to help others.

Video by Keioni Woods