Cocofunka – Coleccionista (Video Oficial)

"Cocofunka – Coleccionista (Video Oficial)"

“Do you know something that is all too common lately?” asks Javier Arce, lead singer of the band, “people who collect lovers like photos… the song is about people who collect people– we wanted to portray the drama that comes from that kind of dehumanization.”

Cocofunka, one of the most acclaimed bands in Costa Rica, released a new video for the single ‘Coleccionista’– the second single off of the album ‘Chúcaro,’ released earlier this year.

The video, directed by Lores de Sousa, premiered in Nylon. In her words, in the video ‘dances simulate an introspective journey between dreams and reality; at the end both become one in the same. It’s that moment in which one is torn between their thoughts, what happened, and what will be.’

‘Coleccionista’ appears on the band’s latest album, Chúcaro. Released earlier this year, the album has over one million streams on Spotify and has garnered critical acclaim from outlets like Noisey, Exclaim!, Blurt Magazine, PRI’s The World, KUT, Austin Chronicle, The Deli Magazine, and Flavorwire (among others). Chúcaro was produced by Felipe Álvarez (Bomba Estéreo, Monsier Periné, Calle 13) and Costa Rican producer Mario Miranda.
Chúcaro is Cocofunka’s third album, with 12 songs that were recorded between San José and Bogota, and mixed in Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles. From tropical rhythms to funk, Cocofunka gives the world an album straight from Costa Rica, inspired by their country and the stories that have come from their nearly 10 years as a band. Nylon

Cocofunka – ‘Coleccionista’ (2016)
Segundo sencillo del álbum “Chúcaro”
Dirigido por Lores de Sousa

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