DAYLUV “My City” Official Music Video

"DAYLUV “My City” Official Music Video"

About DayLuv

Daydra Love a.k.a “DAYLUV” is a Puerto Rico born, “Loisaida” raised Singer songwriter, Hip-Hop lyricist and Audio Engineer that believes wholeheartedly in the power of music and it’s ability to cultivate change. She is a Full Sail University Graduate obtaining a Bachelors in Recording Arts in 2011 and has been utilizing her skills running sessions recording and mixing for signed and unsigned recording artists as well as her own personal projects. “Learning the technical aspect of recording and mixing music independently has been an outlet to manifest that desire for change into the world” She states. “It’s also important for me to incorporate subject matter with substance within my musical content to keep my listeners thinking and questioning circumstances that are brought on by life, and inspire them to take action to make a change and know that they are not alone in their struggles”.

DayLuv started her musical career at a young age performing at every Grade school talent show through till High School honing her skills as a performer. Then in 2005, with the help of her father David “Daso” Soto who is also a musician , started performing at events and venues such as “The 6th Street Music Festival”, “Marlis Momber Loisaida Exhibit”, “After Light Tuesday’s” at club Opus 22, “The Puerto Rican Parade Festival”, “The 35th Annual NYCHA Talent Show” and “The New Village Music Festival” for starters. After graduating and returning back to NYC from Florida She got an opportunity to take part in a songwriting competition with a company called “Key To Unity” that emphasizes on music with a positive message in which she was the winner! The Founder of “Key To Unity” Jennavive Jackson enjoyed my song and performance so much she later reached out about being apart of the “Tour Of Unity” where she traveled from Las Vegas and throughout California performing original music at various venues such as “Bar 702”, “The Freakin’ Frog”, “Don’t Tell Mama” and “Industry Café & Jazz”.

Being a positive influence and role model for youngsters and adults alike is just apart of her nature and she will continue to utilize her gifts in effort to make an impact in peoples lives for the years to come. DAYLUV is definitely a force to be reckoned with and is a necessity in an industry lacking the presence of female emcees and female engineers such as herself. As she continues on her own path she hopes to create opportunities for others along the way. Ultimately, she’s at the point in her music career where she would love to utilize all her skills and musical ability she has crafted by continuing to perform and tour so she can really make a difference in her community Loisaida, NY.

7 thoughts on “DAYLUV “My City” Official Music Video

  1. its the other way around she doesn’t speak English and needs lessons or a printed sheet so we can follow along.

    1. Because then she’d be just another unusual singer. She shines at what she knows she was born to do.
      Make illogical comments elsewhere.

      1. she is a penny a dozen cant understand a word she is saying…….what do i need a lyric sheet to follow her….we are Katrina flooded with this McMusic everyday….

        1. Then maybe you don’t speak English in which case, stick to your own language & preferred genres of music. Her resume speaks for itself & the content proves she is more than the average & will only reach greater heights with her talent & positivity.
          McMusic it is not. How would you know? You just said you didn’t understand her. The negativity you hear promoted on the radio more closely aligns with your invented term, “McMusic”. My suggestion is youbstop watching what you’re clearly clueless about since I can’t understand her & all & so very clearly stated you do not like. It’s dumb.

        2. To me this song says that despite our struggles we can still be anything we wanna be in life… I think that is a good message… I listened to it and got some of the words. Some are so used to hearing songs about sex, drugs and violence it may be hard to understand this one… LYRICS: Shades of grey scrutinize my life when i’m tryna survive. Provide for my family – do right inside. Alot of disappointments reside. Intertwined with big schemes. Rotten apple city of big dreams. Hypocrisy is all I see. So many lost in the streets plagued with defeats and hopes to succeed. Heart bleeds I envision her drop to her knees Prayin’ for all to be free…

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